A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

»Please, can you help us find what we’ve lost?«


The Stars Are Waiting is a atmospheric and relaxed 2D Platformer about a Moonrabbit helping Ursa Minor to recollect the stars.

Can you find them all and rebuild the constellations?

This game is a One Button Game, you only need Space!
To close this game press Space for ~5 seconds.

A game made with love by:
Ryokara (@Ryokara3), Tobi (@toobi0_0), Tama (@tamas_art) and Fiore

Music by Will Bryce (thank you so much!!)

This game was created during the Global Game Jam 2021.


TheStarsAreWaiting[WIN].zip 39 MB
TheStarsAreWaiting[MAC].zip 38 MB

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